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ERP modules are designed to provide critical up-to-the-minute information to business users, allowing them to make informed decisions.

ERP suites enable organizations to streamline every facet of the business, giving real-time insight and ensures the rapid growth and success of any company. The suite allows you to manage your business effectively and effortlessly.

Order Management

Streamline Order to Cash process for real-time Control of multi-company, multi-channel, multi-language and multi-currency requirements. Supports part fulfulment and back orders

Supply Chain and Inventory

Streamline your supply chain operations and collaborate with your partners, Anticipate customers demand and respond quickly with planning and forecasting to reduce safety stock levels and automate purchasing and replenishment


Meet customer Expectations, track production orders, improve production planning, and fulfil orders on time. Schedule Make to Order and Make to Stock Process

Equipment Maintenance and Service

Meet customer Expectations, track work orders, manage Maintenance Schedule, Maintenance program and fulfil orders more efficiently

Human Resources

Streamlines the way you manage recruitment, benefits, employee data, sick leave, holiday, and absence management, In fact, anything to do with organizing your workface

Finance Management

Streamline Invoicing, Planning, Procure to Pay, projects, reporting, and analytics into one financial management system. Financial management software module gives you unparalleled insight and a state-of-the-art foundation for transactional efficiency and control.



12th November
AQXOLT ERP HAS BEEN APPROVED BY UPS READY PROGRAM is a Cloud-based ERP suite that is designed to streamline operations of an organization.


12th Jan
Event and Appointment booking Software for Easy Scheduling.Booking Kare helps businesses stay ahead of their competition by making event management booking and scheduling as easy as possible.


14th June
Barcodes are visible on nearly every product available for purchase. From plasma TVs to a box of rice, each product we see in a retail store usually has a bar code on it. While bar codes are extremely common, their utility and innate power is sometimes overlooked.

A Self-Contained eloctronic point of Sale (ePoS) making your day to day business with customers easy enabling Payments, Invoice and Accounts handling from a single window.
Modify your orders, change product quantity, remove product line items and adding quick notes made simple
Visualize key business metrics on the go on any device

Easy order placements mean easier and faster sales and higher volume of sales. Easily organises invoices, track them and complete the requests for purchases, Manage growing customer demand, with fast and efficient Supply Chain and distribution operations.

Learn everything you need to grow your business with Aqxolt ERP, the best management software to run your Manufacturing business.

Having the right inventory software makes inventory tracking simple, have the inventory you need it when you need it in real time.
Deliver on time, every time with supply & demand


AQXOLT ERP is the most comprehensive ERM complement to Salesforce. Aqxolt ERP showed the scalability of the solution to tailor the growth of the a company’s information system. One can pick each module and implement at one’s own pace. Ease of integration is of great help as we build each piece of the CRM to ERP line independently….”


“I have found using Aqxolt ERP package for our Facility Maintenance Company has been a breath of fresh air. Its fully customizable which is perfect for our needs.The reports the system can run help immensely for staying on top of all the planned and reactive work we have going on. Aqxolt team is available to help every day….”


“We hired our first developer in October and had beta customers testing the service in January and February. No one anticipated that we would be able to achieve so much in so little time. It saved us a lot of money and time, but most importantly, we had paying customers much earlier than the original business plan predicted…”

Aaron Wiener, Co-Founder and COO (chief operating officer), OMNI, SAN FRANCISCO

Turning Business Strategy into Streamlined Distribution

Organisations distribution operations, from inventory and warehouse management to financials to shipping, can be difficult; especially when you’re desperately working to stay ahead of both customers’ needs and the competitions’ strategies.

Drive Business Growth with End-to-End Control of Your Manufacturing Process

Manufacturers face constant pressure to produce top quality products—on time, every time—while striving to reduce costs, increase profitability, and remain competitive in a business climate of fluctuating markets and increasingly stringent compliance mandates. Aqxolt ERP suit for Manufacturing Industry manages complete manufacturing operation from financials and Production scheduling, to Resource management, to quality control and analytics.

Aqxolt ERP With Retail Advantage

Modern retailers need to operate through a range of channels efficiently to survive. Retailers need to serve customers across all sales channels – whether that’s ordering online and collecting in-store (click & collect), buying in-store or using mail order catalogues. Aqxolt ERP multi-channel software solutions allow companies to achieve cross-channel success and provide your customers with the Choice, Convenience, Consistency and Customer Service they demand.

Aqxolt ERP: A Superior Value Proposition for the Service Management Industry

In an era in which clients need stellar service quickly, businesses cannot afford to leave operational parts to chance. To boost customer appreciation, service delivery times, sales quotas and compliance metrics, companies need critical Business system like ERP.

Aqxolt ERP aligns operational effectiveness and service agility to make sure companies can track important elements in their value chain. The software combines state-of-the-art tracking capabilities and cloud management features to ensure 24/7 monitoring, freeing valuable resources for organizations of all sizes.

Aqxolt ERP Deploys Efficient and Customised Offer for Health Industry

Globalised health management means nowadays patients expect stellar service rapidly and cost-effectively, requiring the medical community to access private information, provide guidance and perform operations on patients anywhere, anytime. Aqxolt ERP is here to help healthcare executives design and implement operationally flexible tools and processes.

Aqxolt provides advanced capabilities to the health industry, helping corporate personnel manage data, workstreams and operational processes effectively and efficiently.

Industrial Manufacturing
Service Management
Healthcare Industry