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Barcode App Solution


Barcode Zone by Aqxolt is a Visualforce Component that can be added to any of your Visualforce / Standard Page to generate Code-39, Code-128 , EAN-13 or PDF 417 barcode. With this App, you can have barcode on almost anything that supports a Visualforce Page.

What Is a Barcode?

Barcodes are visible on nearly every product available for purchase. From plasma TVs to a box of rice, each product we see in a retail store usually has a bar code on it. While bar codes are extremely common, their utility and innate power is sometimes overlooked. Barcodes most commonly appear as a series of vertical lines that do not make much sense to the naked eye. However, to a barcode reader these codes reveal a wealth of information. A barcode scanner is able to access a powerful database that contains precise and detailed information about the code being scanned.

Why Use a Barcode?

Barcodes first made their debut as a way to track railroad car and then quickly became commonplace in supermarkets. The codes made it quick and easy to scan grocery items and made cashiers more efficient and accurate. Barcodes are now widely used in a variety of different fields for different business purposes.

Common Uses for Barcodes:

With a wide variety of uses, a barcode system can grant a business vital insight into their production, inventory and other managed systems. A comprehensive barcode solution can make many aspects of a business more efficient and accurate. With a strong database backbone, a barcode solution puts vital information at the fingertips of those who need it while also facilitating tracking and informative reporting capabilities.

The Dilemma is the most popular CRM solution available, but it falls short in the area of barcode management. Unfortunately, a standard solution does not support the full use of barcodes. At Aqxolt, we saw this shortcoming and recognized the headaches it was creating for our clients. Barcode data is a powerful thing, and this data coupled with a solution would revolutionize the way many of our clients were able to do business. With this dilemma in mind, our expert developers crafted the Barcode Zone product.

What is Barcode Zone?

Simply put, Barcode Zone combines the power and information of a comprehensive barcode solution with an existing solution. Our product integrates fully with to allow our clients to harness their barcode database while integrating it into their existing solution. As a result, there is a free flow of data and vital reports and statistics are readily available when they matter most.

The Cost of Barcode Management

While other companies may charge huge premium for their barcode and inventory apps, at Aqxolt we understand how vital these programs are to our clients. As a result, we offer Barcode Zone for £20 per month. We understand how budget crunches affect software purchases and are proud to offer this product at lowest price.

Easy and Intuitive to Use

While Barcode Zone allows businesses to harness a wealth of information about their codes, it does not take a wealth of information for employees to utilize this program. Like all Aqxolt products, Barcode Zone is easy and intuitive to use. There is no steep learning curve needed to get started and there is no extensive training required to fully utilize this powerful application. Barcode Type Support


With Barcode Zone, barcodes can be created for a wide variety of purposes and the app supports three different types of barcodes: code-39, code-128, EAN-13 and PDF 417. By encompassing these three types of codes, Barcode Zone is able to meet the needs of practically any business and provide them with automated data concerning their codes.

Compatibility of Barcode App

Compatibility is always at the forefront of Aqxolt development practices. As a result, we produce products that integrate smoothly and work flawlessly with other solutions. Barcode Zone is fully compatible with all types of Visualforce pages. This powerful application can also be used to embed barcodes into standard pages and PDF documents. As a result, barcodes can be incorporated into a vast array of Salesforce components and the potential uses are limitless. No matter what a business needs barcodes for, Barcode Zone can make it work.

Barcodes and Inventory Management

When it comes to inventory management, nothing comes close to the power of a barcode system. Barcodes are accurate and they cannot be “misread,” which drastically reduces the amount of inventory errors that occur. Barcodes are easy to create and utilize as well. Barcodes can be printed from handheld devices and adhere to the product they are placed on. Then, they can be easily scanned with handheld scanners, and the scanned information can be relayed back to the database instantly. This creates a real-time inventory environment that is error free and that can be tracked every step of the way. With a barcode inventory system, there is no longer the need for products to be entered into inventory manually. Each product can easily receive an individualized barcode, which reduces error and creates an accurate, real-time database. Barcode Zone makes creating individualized barcodes easy, and detailed instructions can be downloaded from the application’s main page.

Managing Contacts with Barcodes

While many view barcodes as a way to manage products, other businesses have discovered that barcodes can manage contacts, clients and individuals with ease as well. With this app, it is now possible to assign barcodes to contacts and clients and use the them to track accounts, relationships and other vital information. Each client can be given a unique barcode, and when employees wish to access client information, such as an address, email or phone number, they can simply scan the barcode and pull up the information instantly. For situations like invoicing and generating purchase orders, this streamlines the entire process while eliminating the possibility of addressing or communication errors.

Barcodes Streamline the Invoicing Process

When a business creates and uses a barcode solution, they are able to streamline their entire invoicing process. Each product or service the business sells can be assigned a unique barcode. This creates an efficient and accurate method of tracking each product or service and eliminates errors and confusion. Each barcode has specific data and information about the product, and this creates uniform and reliable results. Barcode Zone can help any business eliminate costly invoicing errors.

Generate Purchase Orders with Barcodes

Not only can Barcode Zone streamline the invoicing process, but it can also be utilized to generate purchase orders. Purchase orders are just as integral to the success of a business as invoicing is, and Barcode Zone can refine this process while improving accuracy and eliminating errors. Barcodes can be created for each inventory item, and they can be used to quickly and accurately generate purchase orders. If prices change, the information can be easily updated within Salesforce. As soon as pricing information is updated in Salesforce, the barcode data is instantly updated as well. Barcode Zone allows inventory pricing to truly move at the speed of business.

The Possibilities Are Endless

With Barcode Zone, the possibilities are truly endless. Barcodes can track everything from physical products to attendees at a conference. Barcode Zone has a powerful database backbone that is easy and intuitive to use and update, and it puts the true power of asset management into the hands of your business. Barcode Zone is offered at lowest price and this application can make any solution immensely more powerful and useful.