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Cloud ERP

Get ahead of the game with an cloud ERP from Aqxolt on Salesforce App Cloud platform

Grow your business by aligning Manufacturing, Servicing, Supply, Shipping, Inventory, Finance and Human Resource.

ERP Mark 7 is a dynamic Enterprise Resource Planning Suite for any businesses size. ERP MARK 7 suites enables organisations to streamline every facet of business, giving real time insight and ensures the rapid growth and success of any company. The suite allows you to manage your business effectively and effortlessly.

With ERP Mark 7 all areas within your business that have room for growth are clearly apparent, whilst costly problems are easily averted. This state of the art ERP suite is so versatile and adaptable, it offers a structured and seamless solution to managing all of the multifaceted areas of companies today.

Cloud ERPWhen businesses have multiple systems in place they find that to try to integrate data from these systems, or to try to cross reference different facets of the business, can be a very time consuming and costly process. It also has a huge margin for error, resulting in unnecessary and exorbitant expense to rectify this. With ERP Mark 7 it is a simple procedure, everything is integrated on one simple user friendly system. Costly mistakes are avoided, and the huge amount of manual time saved can be better spent on developing and progressing the business.

Aqxolt Cloud ERP facilitates in allowing easy management of the following areas of your business

Supply Chain and Shipping Module facilitates

Manufacturing Module facilitates

  • Work schedule management
  • Minimize manufacturing cost and increase of resource utilization
  • Cut down production bottlenecks
  • On-time delivery performance
  • Transparent operational control
  • Quality Assurance, Capacity Planning
  • Process, discrete, and mixed-mode manufacturing
  • Parts lists, composition, formula management

HR Module facilitates

FINANCE Module facilitates

Running a business today can be complex. Whether you are a small up and coming enterprise, or a large established conglomerate, you need to have a comprehensive insight into every aspect of the day to day running of it. You need to be able to manage it with minimal effort and to be able to see how set targets and objectives can smoothly be met. This state of the art advanced software allows you to do this. You can retrieve up to date and accurate KPI’s at any given time, which will show immediately where there is room for growth and expansion.

Success. All businesses strive to succeed in today’s competitive market, Aqxolt Cloud ERP will give you a real and distinct advantage over your competitors. It gives you the ability to utilise and develop your business. You will be able to efficiently manage your whole workforce, see apparent increased productivity and be able to manage company finances more effectively. You will have evident indicators of where growth can be maximised, that will ensure that your business continually prospers and flourishes. You will be able to not only meet but exceed your customer’s expectations, ensuring that they continually use your company for their required products or services.