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Meet customer Expectations, track work orders, manage Maintenance Schedule, Maintenance program and fulfill orders more efficiently.

Improve visibility, boost service performance management, increase revenue, and more proactively provide after sales services.

Aqxolt ERP uses Production/Maintenance scheduling, coupled with serial number and contract management enabling efficient planning of visits and resources leading to increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs. Our solution will help you control your contractual obligations, service level agreements and outstanding warranties and benefit your organization in many ways.


Maintenance Schedules

Manage schedule maintenance action/tasks, such as capacity and resource requirements. Automatically create work orders based on time based maintenance plans and process cycles. Track and review maintenance progress and status, cost details and completion details.

Project Management

Automate project programmes while keeping a tab on the budget and related costs. Smartly consolidates expenses, labour costs and material costs and records project budgets. The solution enables project scheduling and helps the project meet stakeholder expectations. It helps keep track of project progress and forecasts the projected revenue against each milestone.


Work Orders

Create, manage, qualify, dispatch and execute requests for off-site work. Define steps, tasks and functions/operations of the work order life cycle to ensure that the off-site issues are resolved in the most efficient manner possible.

Warranties & Repairs

Configure warranties and repairs to organisation specific rules for product/ services. Track the warranty information on all your product/ services. Maintenance of returned items is based on warranty claims.