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Manage growing customer demand, the company get an increasingly satisfied customer base with fast, efficient Supply Chain and Distribution Operations. Automatically keeps a track record of the inventory levels.

Streamline Order, Supply Chain and Inventory

Aqxolt ERP offers an automatic and streamlined order processing, organises invoices, track them and completes the requests for purchases. Manage efficient Supply Chain and Distribution Operations. Presence of updated inventory data means checking product availability any time is easy and simple.


Products, Prices and Discounts

Manage and configure product price plans. Change and communicate price list immediately to multiple channels/outlets. Offer discounts , commissions and allows to run promotions to offer product/shipping coupons discounts. Define all your products and bill of materials under product catalogue.

Managing RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation)

Track your supported items at each stage of the returns, replacement or repair process, Reduce overall costs of processing product returns and lessen its impact. Submit returns for review and approve or reject as appropriate, Keep up-to-date with automated notifications for better customer experience.


Outbound Logistics

With Pick, Pack and Ship functionality fulfil orders faster, print Pick list, Packing and Shipping labels on the fly. Pick by Lot or Serial numbers, track shipment flow from Item origin to order destination. Define and customise multiple distribution channels. Ship through UPS or Fedex or manage your own supply or shipping fleet.

Inbound Logistics

Gain complete visibility and process control over all your inbound logistics. Receive purchase or Manufacturing items from a Suppliers/Manufacturing plants or handle Customer Returns and Transfer stock between different Warehouses sites. Handles Inspection and Quality Control and attach delivery details or goods receipt. Move the received items to stock location/bin using the putaway process.


Warehouse Management

Multi-Bin Advanced Distribution shapes your inventory tracking system and allows you to track multiple bin locations per warehouse per item. Assign and Configure multiple Warehouse Loading and Dropping points.

Batch/Lot and Serialisation Tracking

Assign batch/lot code or serial numbers to products, capture complete history of each batch/lot and serial number with cost, Expiration period and product traceability. Manage and trace RMAs of specific batch/lot or serial number and address customer’s concern, trace & track product recall process.


Stock Take

Help your business streamline their inventory management by updating inventory on a continuous basis with regular stock takes. Gather the essential data and plan your purchase orders and ensure you won’t run into a stock out. Highlight variances and adjust the stocks easily. Take informed decisions about managing your business with accurate knowledge about stock on hand and stock movements.

Stock Transfer

Create Transfer orders or quickly shift stocks between warehouse locations, restock and keep track of your products across multiple channels and warehouses. Organise your inventory efficiently using bins and locations and trace stock on hand using Serial or Lot numbers. Track and know the exact location of your products in multiple warehouses.

Manage Subscriptions

The solutions allows the customers to easily understand the various subscription plans available or even to customize their own plans with different starting dates and durations.


Promotion Coupons

Capture data on potential new customers and encourage them to give you a try, Promotion codes make it easy to encourage your customers to spend more and drives customers back to your business more often and reward loyalty through the power of Coupons.


Loyalty Rewards Program

Maximise customer engagement, retention and revenue with a modern loyalty rewards program. Reward users for purchases to increase Revenue per Customer, Increase in Repeat Sales and Boost in Average Order Value.

Optimise Sales Commission

For many companies managing an integration of sales commissions and business goals can be a nightmare. Manage the creating and updating of sales order data and instant calculation of commissions. Automatic creation of personalized sales compensation plans for each sales profile. Defining of earning rules at any level (Program, Tier, Team and Profile etc), defining of commission teams and calculation of split level commissions along with determining the bonus payments.