Event and Appointment booking Software for Easy Scheduling

Event Rok | Event and Appointment Booking/Scheduling App on Salesforce.com

Event Rok helps businesses stay ahead of their competition by making event management booking and scheduling as easy as possible. The app enables scheduling and booking of seminars, conferences, launch events, specialist appointments and expert appointment registration sites. The app includes features such as Chatter, Payments, Sponsorship, Calendar, dashboards, reports and much more. Event Rok was built completely on Salesforce.com

Membership and Pricing Configuration

Event Rok allows users to construct different membership tiers, as well as configure several price plans and discounts. Users may compute pricing options for members and non-members alike on any scheduled events or services.

Setup Multiple Events

Event Rok allows users to set up multiple events such as conventions, conferences, workshops, seminars, training sessions, networking events, fund-raising events, expert appointments and many more. Users may invite participants as well as track how many people registered for each event directly from the app.. There is also a feature to check-in registered attendees.

The app features an advanced appointment scheduling engine in order to manage and allocate service providers into specific rooms and locations.

Barcode Tags

Event Rok can generate barcode tags for attendees, as well as scan barcodes for faster and easier registration on event day. The barcode tags help in keeping track of attendees as well.

Payment Processing

The app contains a fully integrated payment processing system for appointment and event fees. This also includes Membership Tier Points, Discount Plans, tax calculation and VAT calculations.

The Event Rok Event and Appointment Booking and Scheduling App was designed for any event planning company that needs a streamlined, affordable and efficient booking program to keep better track of their attendees, payments and multiple events on the go at once.

Event planners may easily email personalised invitations to hosted events to any and all contact list members. You have the option of keeping your event private, or you may list your public events on your customer facing site. It is possible to customise your individual event ticket shop using a variety of categories.

It is simple to manage all your expert appointments using the Expert Appointment Module; as it provides a comprehensive and completely intuitive interface that will help to manage all appointments, skills and availability.

Event Rok was created and designed by AQXOLT and we are pleased and excited to present a business solution that delivers success to event planners or Expert Appointment Services. We are committed and passionate about offering our customers only the best product possible and we aim to show you Event Rok. We would like to discuss your business with you, including your needs in an event planning program apps and we strive to help you meet your goals as you build on your success.

Our combined experience in the business world lends us to be industry leaders who possess the knowledge and creative vision to bring you quality applications that truly meet your needs. Event Rok was designed with you in mind and we will continue to offer our support to you in every step of the process.