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Omni is a high growth startup founded in San Francisco, in 2014. The founding team’s vision is to revolutionize the largely unchanged self-storage
market and to alter customer’s thinking about their “stuff”, offering an on-demand storage and delivery solution that provides item-level visibility
into their stored belongings through the Omni app for iPhone. Omni has completed their initial seed round of investments, including a umber
of high-profile VC funds. They are poised to launch additional related services and expand into other major cities across the US in the coming year.


  • Aqxolt ERP MARK 7 shortened time to market by 6 to 12 months, allowing Omni to launch the service to paying customers months earlier than expected
  • The robustness of the Aqxolt solution saved Omni an estimated $100K in development costs

WIN 1 #

The use of ERP MARK 7 shortened time to market for the Omni service by an estimated 6 to 12 months and saved up to $100K in development costs


For any startup business, time to market is critical and the clock is always ticking to get to the point where the business has paying customers and is generating cash. With VCs involved the ticking clock is even louder.


ERP MARK 7 shortened time to market by 6 to 12 months and saved the Omni team up to $100K in development costs. Customers were on-boarded earlier than investors expected and the Omni team was astonished by how much they were able to achieve in such a short time.

Within 4 months of hiring the first developer, Omni beta customers were using the app,
photographing and cataloguing their individual items and arranging collection and redelivery.

A combination of lower costs and early revenue is every startup’s dream.

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