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Aqxolt ERP: A Superior Value Proposition for the Service Management Industry

In an era in which clients need stellar service quickly, businesses cannot afford to leave operational parts to chance. To boost customer appreciation, service delivery times, sales quotas and compliance metrics, companies need critical Business system like ERP.

Aqxolt ERP aligns operational effectiveness and service agility to make sure companies can track important elements in their value chain. The software combines state-of-the-art tracking capabilities and cloud management features to ensure 24/7 monitoring, freeing valuable resources for organizations of all sizes.

A Growing List of Challenges for the Service Management Industry

Service management has been facing a host of operational challenges in the last few years. In a global economy marked by fast-paced service obligations, corporate personnel must cope with daily business requirements while establishing proper operational controls to identify, track, mitigate and fix inefficiencies.

• Agility

The speed of business dictates operational celerity that service managers may be unable to handle. In the age of the Internet and mobile service efficiency, managers must be ready to receive, approve, process and deliver orders within a reasonable deadline.

• Availability

Service management is a front-to-back process, percolating all aspects of the value chain, from customer order to delivery. Managers must establish an operational framework allowing personnel to respond at all stages of the value chain.

• Support and Customer Service

Customer service is a key part of service management, but so is client support. Both variables are part of the operational equation that businesses must resolve. This is not always easy, especially when several clients place myriad orders simultaneously.

• Cloud

Although the cloud has generated significant scales of economy for the service management industry, organizations still struggle to reconcile the need for archiving and tracking client and delivery information with the need of data security and client privacy.

• Mobility

The global marketplace dictates a multitude of platforms and devices on which clients may place and track orders. Companies that have not upgraded their operational platforms could find it difficult to deal with clients placing orders, and requesting service, on devices ranging from laptops and smart phones to tablets and phablets.

• Compliance

The list of corporate regulatory guidelines is growing by the day, and organizations must establish proper safeguards to comply with government edicts while fulfilling customer requests and maintaining profitability.

Why Aqxolt ERP Can Help You Meet Operational Challenges

Aqxolt ERP embeds a suite of programs and features that enhance operational effectiveness, streamline complex functions across multiple platforms, and divide work streams into tasks and operational clusters that are easily manageable and traceable.

Aqxolt is a front-to-back solution, meaning it prevents inefficiencies and provides visibility throughout all operational stages, from client request and purchase order generation to customer service and support.

Here are the top features in Aqxolt that ease the lives and work of service management personnel:

• Scheduling and Dispatching
• Scheduling of Recurring Services and Contracts
• Parts Management, Inventory, Purchasing and Bill of Materials
• Equipment Maintenance
• Warranty Management
• Financial
• Customer Portal and Self-Service
• Customer Equipment and Product Maintenance

A Superior Value Proposition

Aqxolt ERP is a superior value proposition that has received accolades from several clients in multiple industries, from retail, Healthcare and distribution to manufacturing. In an era in which operational agility is essential, Aqxolt provides organizations with the tools and processes necessary to track and process orders while fulfilling deadlines and abiding by industry standards. An easy-to-use and modern tool, Aqxolt continues to help companies reduce cost, mitigate operational deficiencies, meet profitability quotas and deliver stellar service at home and abroad.